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Today’s the day we find out if Baby Griffin is a boy or girl. We are soo excited! I haven’t been able to sleep just imagining different nursery themes for either gender. Butterflies, anticipation and excitement made for a sleepless night. Justin is just as excited if not more. Well…Prince or Princess…

The predictions are as follows:
 Chinese Calendar = Boy
 Mayan Calendar= Girl
 Baby’s heart rate over 140 BPM= Girl
 Genital Tubercle Angle= Girl
 Morning Sickness= Boy
 Necklace Test= Girl
 Complexion/ Skin= Boy
 Cravings= Girl
 Daddy’s weight= Boy
 Overwhelming majority of family and friends= Boy

Well 50% it’s a Boy and 50% it’s a girl…
Who’s anxious to find out? 🙂

Make your guesses and stay tuned for Baby Griffin’s upcoming gender reveal.