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The morning of July 28, 2013, Justin and I drove to Peek a Baby in Modesto. The drive was full of nervous anticipation as we speculated what the gender of Baby Griffin would be. Would Baby Griffin be Daddy’s baseball player or Mommy’s pageant princess? We arrived early and quickly completed all the paperwork. Once completed, we were promptly taken back for our ultrasound. The technician quickly identified the gender of Baby Griffin and didn’t keep us waiting. She pointed to three, small, white lines on the screen and stated, “It’s a girl.” With tears in my eyes, I turned to Justin. He was crying too. It was such an incredible moment. Baby Griffin was a girl. The first words out of my mouth, “I got my girl!” I was in shock. The whole appointment was so quick. It wasn’t until we left the place, I became overwhelmed with emotion and started crying. Not only had the Lord blessed us with a baby, he had granted my wish of a baby Girl. The little girl I had pictured in my dream, was true.

As we drove home, I stared at the photos. I couldn’t believe I had gotten my girl. Just knowing the gender, made this journey all that more real.  We could finally envision Baby Griffin in our arms.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee…

~ Jeremiah 1:5 from KJV

With minimal explanation of the photos we received doubt started to creep in. Despite our initial belief Baby Griffin was going to be a girl, we let others convince us that we would be expecting a boy. We spent the next hours looking and comparing our sonogram photos to those we found online. It seemed too good to be true. The next morning, I made the decision to get a second opinion. I drove to Modesto a second time in two days for confirmation of Baby Griffin’s gender. It doesn’t hurt to have a second opinion from a second place, right? Womb’s Window (previously known as Womb with a View) was a very friendly experience. Within moments of meeting the technician I felt at ease. As I prepared myself for the possibility that the original gender peek was incorrect, I began to get nervous. It wasn’t long before the technician pointed to the screen and stated, “It’s a girl. She’s all girl.” It was such a relief. The technician and I laughed as I shared with her my previous doubts. She answered all my questions, and detailed each minute of the sonogram. I cried watching my daughter on the screen as she played with her feet, and waved. It was as if she knew I was watching her. It was the greatest fifteen minutes. She’s a star in the making and true gift that I am forever grateful for. The best part was not only did the technician provide confirmation that Baby Griffin was indeed a girl, she provided me with a DVD of the ultrasound. I spent the remainder of the evening watching my daughter’s DVD over and over till I fell asleep. My daughter- words can’t express the amount of love I already have for her. I never knew one could love someone who they had yet to meet. It’s exciting, scary, and nerve wrecking all at once. I am sooo in love with her.
~ XoXo