Halfway there…


Feeling: Great! The first trimester fatigue came and went. I am enjoying the second trimester and all the daily joys and new experiences it brings.

Symptoms:  I’ll be the first to celebrate the fact that I have not had any morning sickness throughout this pregnancy.  That being said I’ll pass on the extreme breast tenderness and increased size.  Seriously, I don’t know how much larger they can get. I knew there was a reason for all those back strengthening weight sessions, lol.

Food Cravings: I still want as much fresh fruit as possible which at this point I can’t say is really a craving any more. It’s more of a habit now.

Food Aversions: None        

Clothes: Maternity bottoms have been a staple early on.  As for shirts, I am trying to wear as many of my pre-pregnancy shirts as possible… well those that fit over the chest and that are longer in length.

Weight Gain: Since my last doctor’s visit I have gained 8 pounds for a total weight gain of 10 pounds. Luckily for me, with my pre-pregnancy BMI my estimated weight gain for this pregnancy is between 25-40 lbs. There is no hiding the fact I’m pregnant now. (Not that I would want to) As different as it is to look in the mirror and have a belly, I love how womanly it makes me feel.

Sleep: Thankfully I am getting what I consider a “full” night’s sleep of 4-5 hours sometimes 6. As of now, I am still sleeping on my stomach but this is going to come to an end soon.  

Best Moments: Finding out Baby Griffin is a girl and finally believing it after the third confirmation. (Refer to our previous posts A Star in the Making, and our Baby Griffin’s Gender reveal for the highlights)

Memorable Moments: Revealing Baby Griffin’s gender at her gender reveal party.

Nursery Prep: Her crib is up and fit for royalty.  One would think that it was me who picked the crib, but Justin made the final decision. It’s super girly! I love how he is just as involved in making her room all about her and fit for the Princess she is.  Now if only choosing a décor and/or color scheme was as easy. Who would have thought that would be the toughest decision regarding her room so far?!?

Random: Purchased Baby Griffin’s first photo album. At only 18 weeks, she already had 21 photos.  She’s our pretty girl. Our doctor also confirmed our C-section date. It’s crazy to think it’s just slightly over four months away.

Looking Forward to: Baby Griffin’s next photo session and of course our next doctor’s appointment.