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I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since the last post. Time flies…  Even harder to believe is that our daughter will be here right after the holiday season.  And as everyone knows, the holiday season passes extremely too quick. 

Feeling: Overall, I’m feeling great. Definitely feeling and looking pregnant these days.  Both Justin and I are beyond excited as we anxiously prepare for her arrival.  It’s no longer about us, and hasn’t been this entire journey. It’s crazy how already our lives, decisions, finances and conversations revolve around her and will continue to revolve around her. 

Symptoms: Nightly occurrences of heartburn/ acid reflex.

Food Cravings: No food cravings.

Food Aversions: Although I have no food aversions, food just doesn’t sound as good as before.  I miss “craving” a particular food.  These days Justin will ask “What do you want to eat?” and my response is a genuine “It doesn’t matter. I really have no preference.”

Clothes: Maternity bottoms definitely and Maternity tops for comfort and length.

Weight Gain: about 15 lbs.

Sleep: The full nights of sleep have come and gone. Nights are now restless and finding a comfortable sleeping position eludes me. Not to mention this little girl is one active baby.  Even as I sleep Justin feels her move and wonders how I get any sleep with her constantly moving.   It seems to me that my maternal time clock has kicked in. These days its two hour increments of sleep, with a final wakeup call between 4 or 5 a.m. after having gone to bed late. I constantly hear get some rest now and I’m sure I will miss the sleep, but it is during the alone time in the mornings when I can reflect on the upcoming changes that are going to happen. It makes me happy to think, that my body is just preparing me for her schedule.

Best Moments: Although it seems that she is constantly moving throughout the day, I cherish each movement. It’s reassuring to me and at this point she isn’t large enough to cause any pain.

Memorable Moments: With the holiday season approaching her baby shower is being held earlier than typical. This definitely works with me, as I would like to have all things prepped prior to her arrival so that the last weeks can be spent relaxing. (Lol, we shall see if relaxing is what I will be doing) Justin and I began registering for her upcoming baby shower. It was surreal trying out baby strollers. It made me realize what little experience we both had pushing one.  We divided our purchases into two stores. Babys R Us for our bigger, long-term items and Target for the basics. It’s crazy how expensive a child can be. 

Nursery Prep: Our baby’s crib is complete. All the bedding has arrived and the fabric has been draped around the posts. Curtains have been hung and the letters for her name along with wall décor have been purchased. I have yet to choose an accent color but like each piece in her nursery I want to be in love with it before I purchase it.  Next up… finding a rocking chair/ recliner for her room and picking up her dresser/ changing table.

Random: This past weekend I made a matching bow for her tutu. I can’t believe how simple it is to make accessories for her. I anticipate she will own many. Hmmm, But will she wear them? I hope so. 🙂

Looking Forward to: Baby Griffin’s upcoming Baby Shower and our 3d/4d sonogram session.