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Feeling: I can’t wait for her arrival. I have days where I see other mothers, a commercial or social media post that makes me want her in my arms at that moment. Then other days, I start stress over how quickly time has passed being pregnant and how time will fly by even quicker once she is here.  Often, I just sit staring at my belly thinking of all the times we will share.  There are not enough words to describe the immense joy; she has already brought to my life before she is even born. I know there will be moments when she will try my patience, times when I’ll consider myself failing at being a mother but I just hope that she will never doubt the love that Justin and I have for her.  Perhaps it’s the pregnancy hormones kicking in, but as I think of everything that led us to where we are today I am overwhelmed with emotion and wipe away tears of joy knowing that she is blessing from the Lord. I am sooo thankful for her!!! 

Symptoms: No complaints. I usually have no symptoms, other than the occasional cramp in my calves or mild lower back pain after an extremely busy day on the go.  On a side note- pregnancy did affect my eyelashes.  My eyelashes have become sparse and there are days that I forgo mascara and only wear eyeliner since it only manages to highlight their nonexistence. Any of you mothers experience or notice the same? Or want to share a random symptom that you attribute to pregnancy or hormones?

Food Cravings:  No particular cravings. Although, lately my sweet tooth has come back and is satisfied by a nightly bowl of cereal.  In regard to foods that I am missing, I do miss having a nice medium rare steak, and delicious Sushi.

Food Aversions: None

Clothes: Strictly maternity bottoms, and a mix of maternity and loose-fitting pre pregnancy tops. I finally caved in and bought a pair of maternity workout pants and I am so happy that I did. I highly recommend the pair I got from Old Navy. Super comfortable!

Weight Gain: 26 lbs

Sleep: Other than the 4:30 a.m.  Wake up call, it has been surprisingly good.  I’m guessing this little lady is just preparing mommy for her arrival and feeding time.  I’m definitely enjoying the longer stretches of sleep and only having to get up once for a restroom break.

Best Moments: Watching her movements each night.  It still seems unnatural to me and freaks me out, but I love it all the same. I’m hoping to record some of these movements to share with her in the future. As many times as I feel her throughout the day, each time still makes me smile. I know I am going to miss these movements. I love having her so close to me, within me, a part of me.

Memorable Moments:  This week my family and best friends hosted a wonderful baby shower fitting for a princess. Stay tuned for an upcoming post with pictures and more details.

Nursery Prep: Awaiting the delivery of her dresser this week. Once that arrives, the wall décor will go up.  This week I will be looking for book storage. I am not sure whether it will be a book shelf, wall shelves or baskets. I am very excited that she has a great start to her library. Hopefully, she likes to read like her mommy.  I started to reading to her each night before my bedtime and plan on continuing this when she arrives. 

Random: We saw the doctor on 11/06/2013 and were told we past the glucose test that was taken on the 4th. Our doctor also informed us that she has now turned head down and preparing for her arrival. We have now started our biweekly visits to the doctor making it seem that much closer. As for my Belly Button and stretch marks, my belly button is still in and hasn’t “popped”.  I have been blessed not to have gotten any stretch marks yet, but from what I have read many women didn’t get them till the few weeks before.  So we shall see… (Fingers crossed I won’t) 🙂

Looking Forward to: Nesting… starting on the list of things to do… wash clothes, purchasing and installing our car seats, setting up the pack and play, setting up the swing… ORGANIZING!!!