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One Week and counting…

Feeling: It’s crazy at full term; Baby Griffin can arrive at any moment. It’s hard to believe that our daughter’s scheduled debut is less than a week away. This journey has gone remarkably fast. Both Justin and I can’t believe it’s our last week as a family of two.

Symptoms: I have been having Braxton Hicks and other little signs that things are progressing (I’ll spare you the TMI details) but no signs of labor.

Food Cravings:  No current cravings, my appetite has become nonexistent. As far as cravings for foods to indulge in once she arrives, I am looking forward to sushi, sweet champagne, and a nice medium rare steak.  Sounds like the perfect celebratory meal.

Food Aversions: None

Clothes: The nine month mark definitely has limited my wardrobe selection. I find myself often repeating the same outfit… definitely going for “stylish” comfort these days.

Weight Gain: 27 lbs. Lately, everyone has been asking if I am concerned with the weight I have gained. Despite being the heaviest that I have ever been, I am not putting pressure on myself to return to my old body. It took 9 months to develop, so it’s going to take some time getting back to where it was.

Sleep: Hardly. This little girl is one active girl and does not allow me to sleep anymore. Between her constant movements (I’m seriously wondering when she sleeps) and the endless trips to pee I am averaging 2-3 hours of sleep total.

Best Moments: Car seat installed, Ordering custom hair bows, finding a baby book.  MATERNITY LEAVE!!!!

Memorable Moments:  Christmas Eve was our last doctor’s appointment. According to our doctor he estimates her current weight around 6 and ½ lbs.  

Nursery Prep: Nursery is nearly complete, just awaiting the arrival of our princess. A few projects remain unfinished but they are not necessary to her arrival. These include completing her bow holder, and photo gallery wall.

Random:  Giving a urine sample at the doctor’s office at 9 months isn’t easy… it’s more like something from a comedy. Ladies, admit it…

Looking Forward to: Meeting our daughter and starting the next chapter in our lives. ❤