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Kinley is officially two months old. It’s difficult to imagine what life was like before her arrival. As cliché’ as it might sound its true. The hours in the day go by quicker, the weeks seem shorter and before I knew it my baby Love was another month older.

Weight: 9lbs. 6 oz.

Length: 23 ¼ inches

Diaper Size: One.

Clothing size: A mixture of Newborn and 0-3 tops. Sleepers/Onesies- 0-3 months, Pants- 3 months.

Eye Color: Her eye color is still blue, although not as grey tinged as they were at birth.

Favorite Toy: Momma and Daddy are still her favorite “toys”.

Sleeping Habits: She is sleeping for longer stretches of time. Around 5:30 p.m. she will sleep about an hour and half in the evening after daddy leaves for work. She will then wake up between 7-7:30 p.m. to eat and “talk” with momma. At around 8:30 p.m. she will eat again and stay awake till I feed her and put her down for the night. This usually occurs between 11 p.m. and midnight. Kinley then will sleep till 5:30 a.m. and wake up for another feeding and then fall back to sleep for approximately another hour. Of course, this schedule is approximate and varies slightly from day to day but it’s nice having some sort of schedule set in her second month.

Kinley’s likes/dislikes: Kinley does not like to be in the same room for a significant period of time. It seems we are going to have a curious little girl on our hands. It appears she loves to be on the go, as we do not have any problems when taking her out. She gets excited when put her in her car seat as if she knows she is going on an “adventure.”

What Kinley has learned: In her second month Kinley is now a pro at nursing. She focuses on mommy, daddy and objects held in front of her. She has begun responding to our voices by smiling, and trying to “talk”. She has a strong grip and can hold our fingers when presented to her. We are continuing to work on increasing muscle strength in her neck through tummy time and play.

What Mom has learned: The job of a mother cannot fully be understood until you become one. From our home to most importantly our hearts, Kinley has taken over.

Mommy notes: Postpartum appointment went well and my incision is healing well. My doctor finally gave me clearance to resume my workouts but warned against overexerting myself too quickly. This month my favorite holiday Valentine’s Day definitely was sweeter because of my precious daughter.

Memorable moments: In her second month Kinley experienced her first Valentine’s Day which was even more special since it was also her first holiday. Other first during her second month included her first dozen roses, first trip to the park, first shower, first elevator ride, and her first photo contest.

Misc: Kinley’s cry is no longer that of a newborn. Gradually fading away is the “squeak toy” cry when upset. As I tell her, “You have a real cry with real tears and everything.” Kinley has begun to take a pacifier to help her fall asleep. Within seconds of having it, she is out. It definitely is better than her falling asleep at the breast.

Kinley’s accessory count: Hair bows: 56 Headbands: 64 Flowers/ clips: 13

Looking Forward to: New milestones, memories and experiences as a mother


Here are some pictures of Miss Kinley Love Griffin during her second month.